Pay Me Back Your Damn Self!

Warning: Rant Ahead!

Ever try to get a refund and someone tells you they can’t give you your money back? You buy a vacation package from Expedia and have to cancel it. They tell you you have to get a refund from the airline or hotel. The hotel says they can’t give you your money back, you have to go to Expedia. The airline claims they never heard of you or Expedia.

You loan money to your cousin and instead of them just paying you back like they said they would, they tell you to collect the money from your uncle’s friend since he owes your cousin money.

What kind of crap is that? If I loan you money, you pay me back. It’s that simple. It’s not my responsibility to chase down your uncle’s friend and get my money. Seriously. Come on.

What is it with our society that no one wants to take responsibility. Not as individuals, not as businesses? Come on people, have the buck stop with you! Whether that “you” is a business or that “you” is just you. Make a decision. Take a stand. Do the right thing.

A note to Expedia and every other company that sells a product or service that isn’t “yours”: If I buy something from you, actually give you my money for a product or service, then YOU are responsible for giving me my money back. Not the government. Not the manufacturer. Not your neighbor. You. I gave you the money, you give it back. Period. End of story.

A note to people I lend money to: You pay me back. Don’t try to figure out who owes you money and tell me to collect it from them. Don’t tell me to get it from your sister, your aunt, your dad, your ex-boyfriend, your boss or your best friend. I gave you the money, you give it back.

And by the same token, if I sell you something as an individual or a business, I’ll give you your money back. I won’t tell you to go ask the contractor or manufacturer or broker… I’ll give it to you myself.

If I borrow money from you. I’ll pay you back myself. Hand you the money personally. I won’t make you collect it from my freeloading “friend” who owes me money but can’t seem to pay me back. I’ll give you the money you loaned me myself. Promise.

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